Decide on Next Steps

After each round of testing, go over your impressions with your team and decide how to move forward. Refer to your measures of success to determine how well your prototype did. We've provided some sample questions to get the discussion started in the Tips section.

Continue to cycle through Play

Is your prototype not quite meeting your measures of success? Are there still some more tweaks to make? Incorporate the feedback you received into the next version of your prototype. Continue to cycle through the Play phase to see how a new version of your prototype fares.

Reassess your idea

If your concept isn’t getting the response or reaction that you had hoped, look back at the work you've done throughout this program. Did you Define a good design challenge? Did you dig deep enough in Explore? Did you uncover meaningful insights and design principles in Reflect? Should you try another concept you came up with in Imagine?

You may realize your team needs to go back to earlier phases of design thinking. If so, that's fine! You are fully engaging with the iterative and usually messy process of design.

Move to the Transform phase

If you feel like you have made your prototype as strong as it can be, it may be time to move to the next phase of Transform. This is where you will begin to take steps to implement and scale your solution into your classroom, school, district, community, or even nationally.

Time Needed

1-2 hours after each round of testing

Play Debrief Sheet

Use the following Debrief Sheet to capture what you learned from each round of prototype testing. You can use these questions to frame your discussion with your team members.

Discussion prompts

You can use these questions to facilitate your conversation with your team:

  • Did the testing scenario create the experience you intended?
  • Does it meet your design principles?
  • Did your idea get the reaction you had anticipated?
  • Were you able to gather honest and relevant feedback?
  • What did participants value the most?
  • What got them excited?
  • Which parts would participants like to improve?
  • What did not work well?
  • What needs further investigation?

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